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Mr. Hydrogen (TM) - $3600 + Purifier Module

Complete hydrogen purification system for laboratory or light production use. Your choice of purifier module plus a heater, a temperature controller, a fixed bleed regulator, insulation, fittings, and a nice box; 120V or 240 V operation.

Please tell us about your needs and applications. There is a very good chance I have dealt with a project similar to the one you're working on. I can help you better if I know your specifics.

You can e-mail us directly at or contact us through other means.

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Small Temperature Control Box (TM) - $585

A basic temperature control box for use with Purifier Modules and Membrane Reactors: K thermocouple; operates to 8 Amps; Specify 120 VAC or 240 VAC.

Please tell us about your needs and applications. There is a very good chance I have dealt with a project similar to the one you're working on. I can help you better if I know your specifics.

Call 248-545-0155 to speak to Mr Hydrogen (Dr. Robert E. Buxbaum) or use e-mail



















Dr. Robert E. Buxbaum, PhD, PE Dr. Buxbaum in Lab
President, REB Research & Consulting, co.
12851 Capital St., Oak Park, MI 48237
Contact him by e-mail, or
link-up via LinkedIn


  • Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, Princeton University, 1981
  • Ph.D. Dissertation: "The Separation of Tritium from the Liquid Lithium Breeder-Blanket of a Fusion Reactor: The Use of Yttrium Metal as a Getter," E. F. Johnson Advisor.
  • B.E. Chemical Engineering, Cooper Union, 1976


  • Professional Engineer, State of Michigan License 34001.
  • President, REB Research & Consulting 1987-Present.
    Specializes in hydrogen separations and membrane reactors. Manufactures Mr. Hydrogen, hydrogen purifiers.
  • Associate Professor Michigan State University, 1981 - Present, (currently adjoint)
    Supervised research in separations and thermodynamics (particularly involving hydrogen). Collaborated on several projects in neuronal growth. Taught thermodynamics, (undergraduate, graduate, and advanced). Also taught courses in engineering materials, biological thermodynamics, heat transfer, polymer science and absorption and liquid extraction.
  • Argonne National Laboratory, 1986 (Summer)
    Visiting researcher in material science of nuclear fusion reactors, corrosion inhibition and metal coatings.
  • Research Assistant, Chemical Engineering, Princeton University, 1976-81
    Conducted research on separation and materials science problems of fusion power reactors.
  • Research Consultant, Gordion Associates, NYC., NY 1976
  • Electronic Design Consultant, Dahill Electronics, Brooklyn, NY. 1975



    (of 73+ articles published)

  • S.N. Paglieri, J.R. Wermer, R.E. Buxbaum, M.V. Ciocco, B.H. Howard, and B.D. Morreale, "Development of Membranes for Hydrogen Separation: Pd-coated V-10Pd," Energy Materials, LA-UR-09-195 January 1, 2009.
  • R.E. Buxbaum, "High Flux Metallic Membranes for Hydrogen Recovery and Membrane Reactors," Proceedings of 2008 US DoE Hydrogen Annual Merit Review Meeting, Arlington, VA, Apr. 2008.
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  • C.-Z. Hsu and R.E. Buxbaum, "Electroless and Immersion Plating of Palladium on Zirconium", J. Electrochem. Soc., 132 (1985) 2419-2420.

Non-reviewed Papers

Government Grants

  • High Temperature, Low Activation, Refractory Alloys for Generation IV Nuclear Reactor Construction, DOE SBIR ER-84817, $99,970 September 2007 - June 2008.
  • High Flux Metallic Membranes for Hydrogen Recovery and Membrane Reactors, DOE DE-FC26-05NT4200, $2,300,000 October 2005 - September 2008.
  • Improved Coated-Metal Hydrogen Extraction Membrane, DOE SBIR DE-FG02-93ER81625, $600,000 1994-1996.
  • Low Cost Technique for Testing Ceramic Insulator Coatings DE-FG02-97-ER82467, $100,000, 1997-1998.

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